Headphones was an experiment, a story written in "snapshots", a serial, a comic in word form-- call it what you will. It ran for one year plus one day-- January 1st of 2015 to January 1st of 2016. It was the story of a group of friends who took in a damaged girl and helped her find herself. But on the way, she helped them fill the holes in their own lives. I've pulled it now with the hopes of rewriting it into a book. Each day was matched with a music video and each month's mixes are still here. So if you've stumbled in, enjoy the music, and hopefully I'll be able to post updates occasionally!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

And Now Onto The Next Project

Thank you to everyone who read Like Cracks In The Sidewalk. I've taken it down now, but I'm still looking for beta-readers. Let me know if you're interested. I'm going to finish up a few edits and start working on query letters and writing up a synopsis or 4. It would be great if every publisher wanted the same thing, but no, that would make it too easy! This one wants a two-page, that one wants a 5. Oh, well.

I've been having trouble getting myself started on the Ben and Cherry story (which I have tentatively titled Embers and Fire), but I've finally got a plan. I'm going to spend the rest of March getting my notes together. And I mean literal notes. I've got scraps of paper littering my desk with story lines and dialog. The trick now is to type them up, put them "in order" and hopefully, when I'm done, I'll have a fairly detailed outline. I've signed up for the April Nano challenge with the thought that it will be the incentive I need to get a good start on the book. Fingers crossed! The real world has been twisting my brain of late.

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