Rainbow Snippets*-- It's Raining...Squirrels?

This week has been all about squirrels. Or, more to the point, one particular squirrel. He's young and I suspect he tried to jump from one garage roof to the other and didn't quite make it. His back legs aren't working right. Hopefully, it's a broken leg that will heal and we can release him, but if he doesn't regain full function in a couple of weeks, I guess we'll be looking at hutch designs.  Introducing Peanut. Another snippet from Cinders and Ash , the third book in the Campfire Stories series. This snip is told from Lindsey's POV. Lindsey is aromantic and being with Brian is challenging everything she's always believed about herself:       My heart did a triple beat as I stepped around Brian. He was partially blocking the doorway and I brushed against him. The smell of shampoo and soap enveloped me, and underlying that was, well, not a scent as much as his essence—heat and skin and vitality. I was confused. I was drawn to Brian in a way I’d never

Rainbow Snippets*--May in Bloom

Snow last week, rain this week. At least the frogs are happy! I dug up most of the flower beds a few years ago and replaced the ornamentals with edibles. But there are still plenty of flowers to attract the bees and the hummingbirds! Last week snow, this week rain. But the flowers are blooming, so it's all good.  This week's snippet again comes from Cinders and Ash . Lindsey fell asleep on the couch while she and Brian were watching a ball game, and she wakes to find she's used him as a pillow. From Lindsey's POV: It had grown dark outside, but I blinked up at him as my eyes adjusted to the lamplight. “Sorry.” I moved to sit up, but his hand on my shoulder held me down.              “Don’t be,” he said and leaned over to kiss me. It was soft, nothing more than a slip of his lips against mine, almost as if he feared I’d shove him away. Reaching up, I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck, holding him there, and returned the kiss. The television was off and the roo

Rainbow Snippets*-- The Moodiness of April

It was an up-and-down week. It started with warm weather, dropped enough to snow (and require the heat to be turned back on), and now it's cool and rainy, but feeling much more like spring. At least the snow didn't hurt the early flowers! This week's snippet continues from last week . Brian and Lindsey are camping with a group of her friends and family, and Brian is posing as her boyfriend for a variety of reasons. Except, the "pretend" lines are getting blurred. Told from Brian's point of view: … I tried to move away without her noticing.  Of course, she noticed. “Do I scare you? Or are you that repulsed by me?” Lindsey asked. “Um, the first?” I confessed.  “Why?” “I don’t really know you, but you’re…” How was I supposed to say she was pushy without insulting her? “You’re very straightforward. Don’t get me wrong—I like that. But we haven’t really spent much time together.”  She rolled onto her back. “Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who wanted

Rainbow Snippets*-- Trying Times

It's been a nutty couple of weeks. The boss is on vacation (again) which means more (unwanted) hours for me.  To make it worse, my back was starting to bother me and I got my second Covid shot last week. Everything "settles" in my back and for about three days, I could barely move. Which meant all I did once I made it home from work was spend quality time with my heating pad. He should be back by Tuesday, and the pain has let up, so maybe I can get back to my normal routine. On the up side, Spring is showing her colors! The little writing work I've accomplished this week has been mainly editing. I'm doing a final pass on Cinders and Ash before looking for beta readers. This week's snippet is part one of two. Brian and Lindsey are camping with a group of her friends and family, and Brian is posing as her boyfriend for a variety of reasons. Except, the lines are getting blurred. Told from Brian's point of view: Lindsey shifted and when she spoke, her whispe

Rainbow Snippets*-- March Madness

We're at that time of year I like to call March Madness, when it's warm one day and then cold and rainy the next. Which means planning my days accordingly and not more than a day ahead. I did manage to get some editing done, but that was pretty well the extent of this week's work. I'm trying to not be too hard on myself, but I think we all tell ourselves we could be doing more. I guess things will get done when they get done.        Silver and another of our younger cats, LB (Little Black).  She had the lap first and wasn't thrilled to share.    This week's snippet is from Cinders and Ash , the third book in my Campfire Stories series. Although the main characters are M/F, many of the side characters are from the previous books and are gay or bi. In this scene, Lindsey and Brian are on a camping trip with (you guessed it) the characters from the previous books. Brian is Lindsey's "fake" boyfriend. Told from Brian's POV:  “Cherry’s watching,” Li

Rainbow Snippets* --Snow Days

Like so much of the US, we got hit by extreme cold and snow. It wasn't horrible-- it was less than a foot by a couple of inches. Despite the broadcast warnings to stay off the roads because of white-out conditions, there was a rash of wrecks on the Interstate with additional numerous cars off the road. Not surprising, most of the vehicles involved were out of state. It happens every time!    Silver watching it snow, and happy she chose to be a house cat! This week's snippet is a continuation from last week and is taken from the prologue from  Smoke and Sparks , told from Daryl's POV. He has just discovered his cousin Ben is bisexual and he is beginning to accept that he, himself, is gay.  (part 6 of 6-- click here for parts 1-5 )           Later, in the shower room, I braced my arms with my hands on the sink and stared at myself in the wavy mirror. I was short, a little thick in the waist, and dark-headed with a pointed face, like my mom. Cute on her, but not so much on me

Smoke and Sparks-- Prologue Catchup

  Smoke and Sparks (Book 2 of the Campfire Series) Couch-surfing is fine for the short term, but what Vaughn really needs is a roommate. Vaughn’s future was mapped out: Attend college in St. Louis. Become a Physical Therapist. Come out to his ultra-religious family-- after he’s financially stable and probably 40-years-old. But that was before he got caught with the pool-boy. Now he has to make new plans, quickly. A small-town mechanic from Indiana, Daryl has never met anyone like Vaughn. He’s instantly fascinated by the tall college student in the skinny jeans and open-backed shirt. Vaughn is funny, intelligent—and wears silk underwear. Daryl is instantly smitten. A temporary job offer moves Daryl to the city and solves Vaughn’s roommate problem. But while their former long-distance friendship has the potential to turn into something more, Vaughn fears he’ll end up heartbroken when Daryl moves back to Indiana. The spark between them glows brighter, but will it be smothered before it ha