Headphones was an experiment, a story written in "snapshots", a serial, a comic in word form-- call it what you will. It ran for one year plus one day-- January 1st of 2015 to January 1st of 2016. It was the story of a group of friends who took in a damaged girl and helped her find herself. But on the way, she helped them fill the holes in their own lives. I've pulled it now with the hopes of rewriting it into a book. Each day was matched with a music video and each month's mixes are still here. So if you've stumbled in, enjoy the music, and hopefully I'll be able to post updates occasionally!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I've gotten into manga and anime over the course of the last year or two. Not heavily into it, mind you, just enjoying a bit here and there. Yuri on Ice was lovely and enchanting. Beautiful, I thought. And somehow, I've followed that up with Killing Stalking (which is a Korean manhwa), which is quite the opposite! It's disturbing, but the psychology of it is fascinating. I get a lot of my writing ideas from pictures and little memories from my past. I wonder where the creator of Killing Stalking got her inspiration!

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