Headphones was an experiment, a story written in "snapshots", a serial, a comic in word form-- call it what you will. It ran for one year plus one day-- January 1st of 2015 to January 1st of 2016. It was the story of a group of friends who took in a damaged girl and helped her find herself. But on the way, she helped them fill the holes in their own lives. I've pulled it now with the hopes of rewriting it into a book. Each day was matched with a music video and each month's mixes are still here. So if you've stumbled in, enjoy the music, and hopefully I'll be able to post updates occasionally!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Next Steps

     Cut Shot is still moving much too slow but I'll keep at it and (eventually) it'll get done. I'm beginning to understand what other authors mean, though, when they talk about all the other things involved with writing and publishing getting in the way of actual writing. That's a big part of the delay on getting to "the end" with this current WIP.

     It's all good stuff, really, but time-consuming. I entered Embers and Flame into a query contest and made it into the first round. I didn't make it to the second, but I got some positive comments and constructive criticism, so I'm happy with it. It would have been nice to make it through another round or two, but at the same time I found myself obsessively checking the site, so maybe it's a good thing!

    My short story, Cocky Lady, is included in the Cocky Cockers anthology coming out in a couple of weeks. Pre-orders are being taken now. It's my first thing published since I started writing again. I'm back and forth between being excited and wondering what the hell it is I think I'm doing!

     And last by not least, I finally got a website set up. Not much to it yet, but maybe within the next year I'll be able to add things of interest! Check it out here if you're interested!