Rainbow Snippets*-- Beyond Bleak

Bleak has been the word of the week. It's been cold and grey with rain, sleet, and snow flurries. It can end now! I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for nicer weather.

This week's snippet is part 2, again from Headphones: Sunshine Smile. In part 1, Jay catches Scoey watching him as he eats a banana, and so naturally he makes a production of it and it's too much for Scoey: 

          With a wicked grin, Jay pulled his lips back and made a show of biting into the fruit. He winked and swallowed before sending Scoey an air-kiss.  Scoey was transfixed by the movement of Jay’s lips and jaw. Flashbacks of kissing Jay trapped his mind and his skin itched as he broke out in a sudden sweat. The taste of him, as if it had happened only moments before, was still fresh in his memory. His throat tightened and his stomach fluttered. It was too much and he fought his paralysis, willing his arms and legs to move. A stool skidded, almost tipping, when he knocked against it in hi…

Rainbow Snippets*-- A Wish for Greener Things

The February blahs have hit me hard. Except for a couple of nonseasonal nice days last weekend, it's been cold with snow flurries. Not enough to have to shovel the walk, but enough to make everything wet and uncomfortable. I'm finding it hard to get interested in anything-- reading, movies, work. Spring can't get here soon enough!

From Headphones: Sunshine Smile, Jay is a keyboardist in the band, Blue Mick, with Scoey's brother, Richard. When Scoey isn't working, he likes to watch the band rehearse. To call Jay a tease is an understatement:

            Mick was running through the playlist for their next gig as Jay slipped onto the closest stool. A rumble in his belly and a lone banana lying forgotten and forlorn reminded him he’d not thought to grab something to eat in his still agitated state as he drove across town. He concentrated more on partially peeling the fruit than he did on Mick and what he was saying. He rolled a small bite on his tongue, playing with …

Rainbow Snippets*-- Six Weeks, Give or Take

Like everyone else, I'm ready for winter to be done We have so few sunny days here in January and I need sun! It feels like everyone is in holding mode and energyless. On the upside, I finished what I hope is my last pass of edits on In From the Cold and am now working on Sunshine Smile. Because the first two books have cliffhanger endings I want to publish them all at the same time. I'd considered publishing it as one book, but that would make it 180K+ words. I think it works like this. (At least, I hope it does!)

(I'm ready for color!)
The second book in the series very much becomes Scoey and Jay's story. They weren't really meant to be the main characters, but once I started writing, they took over. It's also when I realized m/m was what I wanted to write. Their romance is a slow burn because Scoey is very confused about what is happening (he's demi-pan). But occasionally, he isn't confused at all:
They lay like that, unmoving except for Scoey’s foot…

Rainbow Snippets*-- Surely Spring Isn't Far Away

January is a horrible month for me. I can't do anything outside because of the weather, and I suffer from sun-deprivation depression, so all I want to do is eat and sleep. Last year at this time I was on a cruise-- sunshine and peaceful blue. I wish I could afford to do that every year!

TheHeadphones series takes place over the course of a year and The House is not only a building--in some ways, it's a side character with a sentience of its own. From book 1, In From The Cold, it's early February and Scoey has just moved in and is exploring:
Eventually, his explorations led him to a small parlor at the back of the building and the weight of the empty rooms pushed down on him as he gazed out the big bay window. He hadn’t bothered to turn on a lamp. It wasn’t needed as the snow reflected the muted light coming from the grey sky, casting enough of a glow for him to see everything clearly. Most of the first floor had been remodeled but this small room was still paneled in the or…

Rainbow Snippets*-- Rain Without the Rainbow

It's raining. A lot. We have flash-flood warnings and our yard is under water. It's been unseasonable warm, which is probably a blessing--I'd hate for this to all be snow! So, in keeping, I've picked a snippet that involves rain.

(The road in front of our house. I'm going to need a canoe.)
Headphones is the story of a group of friends, and one of the couples is Bets and Richard. They've had a "friends with benefits" relationship for nearly five years, but it's gradually beginning to change. Taken from the second book in the series, Sunshine Smile, they've taken their first vacation together and got trapped by heavy rain:

The trip had been nice; a sunny room overlooking a beach with hours spent walking in the sand with the foamy surf rolling over their bare feet. Sometimes they talked and sometimes they were comfortably silent; two people getting to know each other in a way they never had before. But, in a way, Bets treasured most the two nights …

Rainbow Snippets*-- Happy New Year!

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I don't need the disappointment when I can't manage to keep them. But having said that, I'm making an effort to get organized. I started seriously writing in 2014 and I'm determined to make this the year I start publishing. So I spent January 1st building a website and updating my Blogger. I'm hitting the Headphones edits hard. And I've talked to an artist about covers for the trilogy. If I have a resolution, it's to be brave!

Peppercorn is still my #1 writing companion. He's just not so small, anymore.
For this week's snippet--every story needs a villain. In the Headphones trilogy, Annalise gets that privilege while Crissy is her unknowing accomplice:
Annalise threw her purse down and stared at Crissy, as if she’d arranged their great downfall. In whatever form that downfall might take. “Marcus says she’s sleeping with him!” Annalise spat out.  Crissy wondered if she was missing part of the conversa…

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